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The FACES Foundation
PO Box 802
Milford, MI 48381
(248) 684-7866 FAX
We would love to send you our informational materials about The PHIL Award recognition program.

Partnering with us to recognize and retain the 'best of the best' in respiratory care will take your local on-site recognition initiatives to
the national level.

The PHIL Award program is the first program nationwide that honors RTs and educates the entire hospital as well as patients and
families about the function and value of a respiratory therapist. With nominating focus primarily on the patients and families, this
recognition program has proven to be more effective than local recognition coming solely from hospital administration and staff.

We value our hospital partners and provide all the support necessary for a quick and effective implementation at your hospital.

You will receive more information very shortly!
The FACES Foundation
Family And Caregiver Education & Support
The FACES Foundation
is a 501(c)(3)
Benefiting the many 'FACES' of those dealing with pulmonary illnesses: patients, families and
caregivers, as well as the unsung heroes in the respiratory profession.