PHIL Award Winner
October 2012
Nicole Andras is an iconic example of the well rounded respiratory therapist.  
She is attentive to her patients and an advocate for their care. She regularly
engages in discussion with the medical team on how best to support her
patients, and seeks consultations with others to confirm her strategy.

Nicole anticipates the needs of both those in her charge and needs of the
department. She is attentive to details and actively communicates with the
departments’ leadership in order to improve work flow. Many of her
suggestions have been incorporated into the department’s operations.

Nicole’s positive attitude and enthusiastic personality energizes those around
her. Her willingness to help her peers and pitch in when there is a challenge is
contagious. This helps lift the spirits of the other team members and turns
challenges into opportunities. In short, Nicole is well deserving of this year’s
PHIL award.
Nicole R. Andras, LRT
Harper University Hospital
Nicole R. Andras, LRT