PHIL Award Winner
October 2011
Candie Blanton has been practicing in the field of respiratory care for over 30
years. Her caring and compassionate attitude for her patients is displayed
consistently. Candie was nominated for the PHIL award by one of the
nursing supervisors.

“Candie always gets her patients snacks as she makes her nightly rounds.
On one particular night she knew that she had a patient who was British and
preferred hot tea with her snack. Of course, being the therapist that she is,
Candie made hot tea and delivered it to the patient. She always ensures her
patients have what they need in order for them to be comfortable. She is a
wonderful patient care advocate”.

It is only fitting that Candie was chosen as the 2011 PHIL Award winner.
Thank you Candie for all you do to provide excellent customer service to our
Candie Blanton, RRT
Carolinas Medical Center - Union
Candie Blanton, RRT