PHIL Award Winner
October 2011
Never too busy to help. Positive and full of energy. A great teacher. These are
just a few of the ways co-workers describe Deb Bouwens, a PHIL Award
recipient for 2011.

Deb has served as a respiratory therapist at Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital since
1997. Before then, she worked as the Adult Critical Care Lead Therapist at
Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids, MI.

Known for going the extra mile to make sure patients understand their
treatments, Deb always works well with staff, patients and families. She is a
high energy, customer service oriented therapist with a great attitude — a real
asset to the Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital Respiratory Care team.

In addition to her commitment to outstanding patient care, Deb also works to
educate the next generation of respiratory therapists by serving as a clinical
instructor for Oakland Community College and Ferris State University. “She is a
great teacher and is never too busy to help,” a student said recently. “She’s the
therapist I hope to become one day.”
Deb Bouwens, RRT
Huron Valley Sinai-Grace Hospital
Deb Bouwens, RRT
The FACES Foundation President Sharman Lamka with PHIL Award recipient Deb
Bouwens, RRT and Martin Rawski, LRRT, Manager, Respiratory Care. Deb is the first
honoree from Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital.