PHIL Award Winner
October 2011
Tasha Bradley was hired as a respiratory therapist at Detroit Receiving
Hospital in 2009. Since then, she has proven herself a highly motivated,
compassionate and caring professional.

She is a model employee who is always on time, if not early. Patients, family
members and coworkers alike comment on the outstanding care she provides.
In receiving nominations for the 2011 PHIL Award, Tasha’s coworkers shared
many stories about her exceptional work.

“On a rapid response call when a nurse told her that a patient had lost their
trachea tube, Tasha responded, even though she wasn’t covering that unit. She
quickly assessed the patient and tried to find an appropriate trachea from the
store room. Without success, she found the original trachea tube in the patient’
s linen. She then cleaned it with chloraseptic solution, reinserted and secured
it, and rechecked the oxygen saturation and breath sounds. The patient was
relieved and did well.”

Another nurse put it this way: “In 10 years on this unit, I’ve never worked with a
more compassionate and skilled respiratory therapist. Tasha is very deserving
of special recognition.”
Tasha Bradley, LRT
Detroit Receiving Hospital
Tasha Bradley, LRT
The FACES Foundation
President Sharman Lamka with
PHIL Award recipient Tasha
Bradley, LRT and Ellis
Threadcraft, LRRT, Clinical
Manager, Respiratory Care.
Tasha is the first honoree from
Detroit Receiving Hospital.