PHIL Award Winner
Joined the DMC Respiratory Therapy team in 1977 at Harper-Grace
Hospital where he worked full time and worked his way through an
Accredited College RT program and graduating with Honors.  

After 24 years of service at Harper in 2001,  He transferred to the
Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan to work full time in patient care
and to build a RT Team,  a Team that now provides 24/ 7
Respiratory Therapy for the Rehab Institute patients.   

Lee is respected and appreciated by his fellow RT team members,
hospital staff and by Physicians.  He serves as the Department
Coordinator and as a patient care provider.   

Some of the nomination comments stated that :
“Lee is a caring, compassionate caregiver that is meticulous and
takes time to make sure that patients in his care receive care that is
competent and safe.  He often stays late or works extra to make
sure that a shift is covered. ”  Nurse Manager, RIM  

“His level-headedness and patience is demonstrated every day at
many levels.” Respiratory Therapist, RIM

“ He is an outstanding professional and show it daily.  I’ve  chosen
Respiratory as my field of choice because of Lee & His God given
talent as a Respiratory Therapist and I would love to be a part of the
Respiratory Team. ”  Rehab employee      
Lee Brown, RRT, RCP
Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan
Lee Brown, RRT, RCP