PHIL Award Winner
October 2014
Kate has been a respiratory therapist at Case Medical Center for 7-1/2
years. She was very touched, surprised and emotional when Stephanie
Spencer walked into the PHIL Award presentation. Stephanie Spencer
wrote a very heartfelt letter about Kate after Stephanie lost her daughter,
Kevan. Kate was a very important person who took care of Kevan during
her hospital stay and she will forever be remembered by the Spencer
Family. That is how we define 'exemplary care'! Kate is obviously an
engaged employee who loves her job. And because of that, she touches
patients' and family members' lives forever!

Kate's response to her award... "I am both honored and humbled...but
knowing I made one person smile and breath easier makes it all worth it!"

Thank you Kate for 'going the extra mile' and providing quality care to your
patients at Case Medical Center. They are sure lucky to have you as their
very own RT and The FACES Foundation is proud to call you our PHIL
Award Honoree!

Here is Stephanie's letter:
Kate was extraordinary. She kept an important promise to Kevan that she
wouldbe the one to remove that awful tube. Afterwards, Kate sat with us
and actually made Kevan laugh. It brought great joy to us that Kate was
able to bring a huge ray of light to our very gloomy time. We all knew that
removing that tube would shorten the time that we had with Kevan but
seeing that smile on her face was a better memory.

The things that Kate did and said were uplifiting. She most certainly went
the extra mile. Kevan was discharged on August 1st and passed away
peacefully at home on August 4th. Shortly after she passed, someone
picked up one of the 'toys' Kate had given Kevan to take home and we all
had a good laugh.
Kate Cartmell, RRT
University Hospitals-Case Medical Center, Cleveland, OH
Kate Cartmell, RRT
2014 PHIL Award Honoree, Kate Cartmell,
RRT, pictured with Stephanie Spencer
Pictured (L-R) Xiuha Yuan-Chief Therapist Adult
Respiratory Care, Paula Gillette-VP of Patient
Services at Rainbow Babies, Kate Cartmell,
Sharman Lamka-President & Founder of The
FACES Foundation, Kathy Deakins-Manager of
Respiratory at Rainbow Babies and Steven
Slaughter-Case Medical Respiratory Supervisor
2014 PHIL Award Honoree, Kate
Cartmell with Sharman Lamka,
President & Founder of The FACES