PHIL Award Winner
December 2009
Stephen Catton, RRT, was honored as a PHIL Award recipient because of his willingness to
jump in and help in any situation. Steve works for his patients and it becomes obvious to
anyone who meets him.

After working a variety of jobs, Steve received his Associated Degree of Respiratory Therapy
from North Central Michigan College in 1981. He has been a Staff Therapist at Northern
Michigan Regional Hospital (NMRH) since the fall of that same year - over 30 years now! In
1982 Steve completed the Registry exam and became a registered respiratory therapist.

Steve always puts the patient first and does not rest until all needs are met. What also sets
Steve apart is his willingness to share respiratory knowledge with fellow staff members and

Steve has enjoyed being a part of respiratory care as it has transformed from an ancillary
service to an actual team at NMRH. "In the future I strive to continue improving my skills in
the Pulmonary Diagnostic, and all other clinical areas, because that is what provides our
patients a high level of care and confidence," says Steve.
Stephen Catton, RRT
Northern Michigan Regional Hospital
Petoskey, MI
Steve Catton, RRT,
receives the PHIL Award.