PHIL Award Winner
October 2012
The following is the actual nomination for Anthony Crino as written by Suzanne

I would like to nominate Anthony Crino for The PHIL Award for outstanding
respiratory therapists because of the wonderful care he gives to his patients. I
am an employee of the hospital and have worked with Tony a few times with my
patients. In those times, he has shown to be both caring and professional to the
patients he works with.

I also had the opportunity to see his work from a very different perspective. My
grandfather was admitted to the intensive care unit in August of 2011. He was
newly diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis and his condition was deteriorating.
From being a very independent man who had never been hospitalized to now
being in an ICU setting with many tubes, monitors and the inability to do things
as before, my grandfather felt very uncomfortable.

He was soon placed on Bipap to help with some of his symptoms. He was very
hesitant to wear the mask due to the uncomfortable feeling it gave him. He was
instructed by the doctors that wearing the Bipap would help with his symptoms.
Tony worked so closely with him and eased his fears about the mask. He
explained everything he was doing before even putting the mask on. He slowly
titrated the settings so that my grandfather could ease his way into the Bipap until
he was able to wear it without difficulty. He was very prompt to attend to any
alarms the machine would make before they could worry my grandfather.

I spent the majority of my grandfather’s four-week stay at his bedside. I saw a lot
of emotions from him in that time. I can truly say that I saw a look of ease and
comfort on the days Tony was working with him. My grandfather knew that if the
machine beeped that Tony would quickly be there to respond, thus in turn
majorly decreasing his anxiety. He appreciated the fact that Tony explained what
he was doing and what the plan for the day was going to be. I still remember him
coming into the room and saying, "Hi John, it’s me Tony, and I’m going to be
working with you today." My grandfather knew it would be a good day.

As a healthcare worker myself, I understand the importance of providing quality
care to our patients. I also understand that part of that care is taking care of the
person and making them feel comfortable so they can participate in their own
care. My grandfather unfortunately passed away after that short hospitalization. I
still remember my family happily mentioning that "Tony was his therapist today"
and the feeling of comfort they had knowing he was in "good hands". He really
stood out as one of his caregivers because of his kind personality, professional
manner and knowledge of his job. My family and I will forever be grateful for the
wonderful care that he provided to my grandfather. Thank you, Tony for being an
outstanding respiratory therapist.
Anthony Crino, RRT
University Hospitals
Case Medical Center
Tony Crino, RRT, (center) with Steven Slaughter
(right) and The FACES Foundation Founder
Sharman Lamka.

Tony Crino, RRT, with The FACES
Foundation Founder Sharman Lamka.
Tony Crino accepts The PHIL Award from Sharman
Lamka as she explains the significance of the