PHIL Award Winner
October 2014
Bob graduated in May 2007 and became board registered as a Respiratory Therapist
soon after graduation.  He started his career with the University of Michigan Health
System in June of that same year. Currently, Robert is working as a staff therapist on the
7p-7a shift servicing adult intensive care patients. He is well received by patients and his
peers alike. His patient specific comments about his care speak for themselves. They
include notes such as…

" You took the time and effort to hook up my equipment, which made things much better
for me in terms of my comfort. Thank you for being so considerate in helping me.”

“Bob is so great, he treated me awesome. Thanks, Bob. You are wonderful.”

“For your positive uplifting attitude and generous help…Your always willing to lend a
helping hand and I appreciate all you do!”

In Bob's spare time, Bob enjoys spending time with his grand daughter and playing the
guitar. We honor and appreciate Bob for his dedication to our patients!
Bob Farris, RRT
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
Bob Farris, RRT
Bob Farris, pictured with his very proud night
supervisor, Jennifer MacDonald.
We are so thankful for such a great bunch of supportive
administrators at U of M! Pictured from left to right: Ken
Bandy, Sr. Administrative Director of Respiratory Care,
Marge Calarco, Chief Nurse Executive, Bob Farris, RRT,
Teresa Keppler, Sr. Administrator of Respiratory Care and
Mark Konkle, Administrative Director Healthcare.
Sharman Lamka, FACES President and
Founder, presenting the 2014 PHIL
Award to Bob Farris.