PHIL Award Winner
October 2012
Brad Forsythe is a tremendous asset to our Respiratory Care Team at Sinai-
Grace Hospital. He has a very positive attitude and is willing to work in any area
whether it be ICU, emergency, or general floor area. He is hardworking and
intelligent. Coworkers throughout Sinai-Grace Hospital all have positive things
to say about Brad.

Brad received several nominations from coworkers.  

An ICU nurse commented:
“We like to have Brad work in our unit because he has good clinical skills and
we always trust him in his care of the patients.”

A respiratory therapist commented:
“Brad never complains, even when the workload is large. He is never negative
and does not ever give others a hard time.”
Brad Forsythe, RRT
Sinai-Grace Hospital
Brad Forsythe, RRT