PHIL Award Winner
  • Sara is a 2009 graduate of the University of Toledo with a Bachelors of
    Science and Respiratory Therapy
  • She became a Registered Respiratory Therapist in 2009
  • She joined the team at Rainbow Babies & Children’s also in 2009.
  • She exemplifies excellence not only in skills as a respiratory therapist
    but  also as an advocate for her patients.

Caregivers are there to assist a patient with coping with the challenges of a
new and unexpected situation. One afternoon his life changed drastically. He
found himself on a ventilator, waking up in an unfamiliar world and finding his
independence temporarily lost at bay. Sara  immediately took a proactive
initiative to take care of business and involve the patient in preparing to  move
to the next step.  A young student who was extraordinarily intelligent, respectful
and had his eye on his immediate future, now knew that his fate was at the
mercy of the medical team. After failing coming off the ventilator the first time he
didn’t lose hope, but instead continued looking for a way to get out of this
mess. Sara played an integral role coaching, encouraging, and showing
compassion for him and his family while he dealt with the day to day stresses
of thinking about what was coming next.  But remaining open-minded and
positive, Sara did not just settle for the ordinary but instead worked diligently to
help him get ready to move forward.  As unconventional attempts to liberate
him from the ventilator once again failed, life changing decisions had to be
made. This therapist again stepped up and became his greatest advocate.
Faced with a new situation, he now had to accept that things would be different
for a while. But he had too much life left to stop there. Her commitment to
taking charge of the situation, never allowing him give up, helping the transition
look easy and encouraging the family along the way was commendable.  
Although grateful for the care he received from all members of the team, he
made a point of telling us that he developed trust in Sara as his caregiver and
continued to have hope for his new future. He expressed unending gratitude to
Sara, his  bedside pediatric respiratory therapist and he will never forget how
important it is to have compassion and support when you most need it.  
Sara Gorman, RRT
Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital
Sara Gorman, RRT
Rebecca Richards, RRT,
receives her PHIL Award along
with Chris Coufalik, RRT,  from
The FACES Foundation  
President Sharman Lamka.