PHIL Award Winner
June 2010
Sharon Hixson, RRT
St. Joseph Mercy Hospital
Ann Arbor, MI
Sharon Hixson, RRT, was honored by Sharman Lamka on
June 22, 2010 with the PHIL Award. Sharon is the Respiratory
Care Clinical Specialist for the NICU at St. Joseph Mercy
Hospital in Ann Arbor. She was an original member of the
NICU Respiratory Therapist team which was brought on board
to coincide with the opening of the NICU in May 2001. Sharon
was nominated by Barb Rooks, the Grandmother of an NICU
patient, for her compassionate caring.

This is a sample of what Mrs. Rooks had to say about Sharon:

“The compassion that was shown was wonderful. I felt at ease
with my grandson J.J. being in her care. It is really hard to put
into words. I just felt like she cared for this baby like he was the
only thing in the world that mattered.”
Sharman Lamka (left), The
FACES Foundation
Founder, with PHIL Award
recipient Sharon Hixson,
RRT, and Dave Getty,
Director of Respiratory
Therapy and
Cardiopulmonary Services
at St. Joseph Mercy