PHIL Award Winner
December 2009
Robert Kieliszewski was nominated for the PHIL Award by a nurse in the
cardiovascular unit at Northern Michigan Regional Hospital (NMRH) because of his
willingness to teach staff and patients. Bob consistently goes the extra mile for

One example of his dedication was illustrated in his care of a patient who was
discharged to an adult foster care home. The patient did not feel comfortable with
the staff at the home and consulted with Bob about how to use his continuous positive
airway pressure (CPAP) device for sleep apnea. The patient had a good experience
working with Bob while in the hospital. Bob took time to go to the foster home and
instruct the patient and staff how to use the CPAP and suggest ways to make using it
more comfortable.

Bob has been a respiratory therapist since 1971. He is a graduate of North Central
Michigan College. He continued his education and received a bachelor's degree
from Ferris State University in 1989. Since becoming a therapist Bob has worked in a
variety of capacities. Early in his career he was the department head at Alpena
General Hospital. After Alpena, Bob spent 14 years working in education with the RT
program at North Central Michigan College; he was a clinical instructor and clinical
education coordinator from 1975 until the program closed in 1989.

In 1989, Bob moved to the home care field and worked Health Wares/Vital Care  for
12 years providing respiratory therapy to patients at home. Bob returned to the
hospital setting in 2001 by joining the staff at NMRH where he has continued to
provide therapy to patients of all ages and educate staff on behalf of the department.
Robert J. Kieliszewski
Northern Michigan Regional Hospital
Petoskey, MI
Bob Kieliszewski (left)
with The FACES
Foundation Founder,
Sharman Lamka