PHIL Award Winner
October 2012
Peter Kohler was recognized with The PHIL Award as part of the Respiratory
Care Week Celebration on October 25.

Peter has been in the profession of respiratory therapy for almost three
years; at Children’s Hospital Colorado for the past year. Peter is highly
regarded by his peers as a therapist who is willing to go the extra mile for
his patients. He approaches caring for patients as a collaborator with other
members of the health care team with the goal of ensuring the best care
possible for all his patients.

Here is what some of his peers said about him:

“Peter treats all his patients, like they are his ONLY patient.”

“Peter is dedicated to evidence based practice, and willing to provide the
highest level of quality of care.”

“He takes time out of his busy day to talk with families when they have
questions, always willing to give them a little extra time.”
Peter Kohler, RRT
Children's Hospital Colorado
Denver, CO

Peter Kohler,  RRT
PHIL Award recipient Peter Kohler is
pictured with
Joyce Baker, Director for
Respiratory Care.