PHIL Award Winner
A patient had the following to say about John Margraves, the 2013
PHIL Award winner for Respiratory Care in 2013.  “As a patient John
took great care of me, and as an employee he is always right there
with what the patient needs no matter what else is going on.”  John
is always upbeat and likes to have fun at work.  

We get updates about his house and dog on a regular basis.  John
has worked the night shift since he was hired and is hard working,
professional, helpful, and knowledgeable as evidenced by those
that nominated him.

Some others that nominated John wrote: “He always comes to the
unit when needed and is always helpful.  No matter how busy he is,
he always puts his patients first.”  “John goes the extra mile for his
patients by repositioning them for comfort, giving them time to ask
questions.  He will also share his personal side and gives each
patient personal care that exceeds the ordinary therapist.  He keeps
the patient informed and informs the nursing staff of changes.”  
John is also a great team player with other departments and within
the Respiratory Care department

As can be seen, these comments show a high level of customer
service and positive interaction with everyone John meets.  John
has served as a mentor for many of the newer therapists as most
will start out on the night shift.
John graduated from Washtenaw Community College in 1988 and is
an RRT.  He has worked at HVSH since 1991.

From your Huron Valley Family and the
HVSH, Dept. of Respiratory Care
John Margraves, RRT
Huron Valley Sinai Hospital
John Margraves, RRT