PHIL Award
(Pulmonary Health & Illness of the Lung)

The PHIL Award was established by The FACES Foundation to recognize outstanding Respiratory Therapists who provide
care and treatment for patients with respiratory conditions. The award was created in honor of Philip C. Lamka who
passed away from Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD).

The PHIL Award honors the unsung heroes in the respiratory profession who understand that each breath matters.

Hospitals currently using The PHIL Award program:

  • UCSF Medical Center/UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital;
    San Fransisco, CA           
  • Ukiah Valley Medical Center; Ukiah, California
  • Saint Joseph Hospital; Lexington, KY
  • St. Joseph Mercy Hospital; Ann Arbor, MI
  • University of Michigan Hospital; Ann Arbor, MI
  • University of Michigan - C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital;
    Ann Arbor, MI
  • Detroit Medical Center:
    Children’s Hospital of Michigan; Detroit, MI
    Detroit Receiving Hospital; Detroit, MI
    Harper University Hospital; Detroit, MI
    Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital; Commerce Twp., MI
    Sinai-Grace Hospital; Detroit, MI
    Surgery Center; Detroit, MI    
    The Rehabilitation Institute of MI; Detroit, MI
  • Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital; W. Bloomfield, MI
  • McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital; Petoskey, MI
  • Spectrum Health Hospitals:
    Blodgett Hospital; Grand Rapids, MI
    Butterworth Hospital; Grand Rapids, MI
    Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital; Grand Rapids, MI
  • Carolinas Medical Center:
     Union; Monroe, NC
     Mercy; Charlotte, NC
     University; Charlotte, NC
     NorthEast - Concord, NC
  • Rainbow Babies Children’s Hospital; Cleveland, OH
  • University Hospitals; Cleveland, OH
  • Roper St. Francis Healthcare; Charleston, SC

In addition to the "Appreciation" sculpture, PHIL Award winners are awarded continuing education opportunities through
paid tuition to their annual professional conference. FACES believes that exposure to new methods and treatments leads
to improved quality of patient care.

About the PHIL Award

People living with life-threatening pulmonary disease feel profound appreciation for the health care providers who allow
them to “breathe easy”. The PHIL Award celebrates a key member of that team: the outstanding respiratory therapist.
This exemplary professional sees the “person” instead of the “patient”; and he or she is committed to the belief that every
breath matters.

In the spirit of The PHIL Award, MK Shannon adapted her sculpture,
Appreciation, of a sole standing figure, to include in
its encircled arms a large and fully opened butterfly. The figure’s lines are clean, strong and quiet; the detailed butterfly in
the foreground appears resting, yet ready to flutter.

The unfailing and often background support of the respiratory therapist—who continually seeks more effective ways to
enable the patient to breathe easier—is represented by the figure. The butterfly symbolizes the lungs, in their fragility,
beauty and vitality. The sculptor illuminates the relationship between the respiratory therapist and the patient; in his or her
hands the outstanding caregiver holds the patient’s freedom to breathe easier.   

Breathing is natural and the essence of life. Patients with lung disease cherish every difficult breath they take. The
FACES Foundation and the sculpture, Appreciation, honor the respiratory professional that strives to make that breath as
easy as possible.  

Honor a Respiratory Therapist

If your life, or the life of a loved one, has been helped by the exemplary care of a respiratory therapist, contact us with
your story. FACES will notify the hospital that you would like to sponsor an award.

If you work in a hospital or other healthcare setting and would like to bring the PHIL Award program to your workplace,
contact us for turnkey materials. The PHIL Award will bring with it recognition and honor and assist you in retaining
a quality staff of respiratory therapists.

Please contact us if support of the many faces of lung disease fits into your corporate giving plans.
Meet the
PHIL Award

Rick Cook
May 2014

Joe Gilbert  
February 2014

Deneil Loftus
January 2014

Patti Diluzio
December 2013

Javarri Hill
November 2013

Lee Brown
November 2013

Perry Bertolini
November 2013

John Margraves
November 2013

Cecilia Lee
November 2013

Maria Geisor-Walter
November 2013

Carl Haas
November 2013

Richard Ferguson
October 2013

Melinda Allen-Gereck
October 2013

Denise Burkhart
October 2013

Paul LeValley
October 2013

Chanda Backey
October 2013

Theresa Sparks
October 2013

Chris Coufalik
October 2013

Sara Gorman
October 2013

Karen Ryan
April 2013

Todd Shanahan
January 2013

Olayemi Adekoya
October 2012

Nicole Andras
October 2012

Brad Forsythe
October 2012

Roberta Gilbert
October 2012

Lynn Hannon
October 2012

Cindy Roberts
October 2012

Rick Wade
October 2012

Peter Kohler
October 2012

Kim Plant
October 2012

Elizabeth Watts
October 2012

Anthony Crino
October 2012

Susan Palmer
October 2012

Karen Kirtley-Yundt
October 2012

Paul Smith
October 2012

Kathey Hurey
May 2012

Michael Castiglione
December 2011

Ana T. Haight
October 2011

Candie Blanton
October 2011

Cloy Vaneman
October 2011

Daniel T. Asekome
October 2011

Tasha Bradley
October 2011

Deb Bouwens
October 2011

Raymond Robinson
October 2011

Melvin Richard
October 2011

Cindy Roberts
October 2011
"Appreciation" courtesy of The
Bennett Gallery in Placerville,
                                           More PHIL Award Recipients:

        Robert Kieliszewski              Linda M. Folk                 Sharon Hixson        Jessica Cusac          Christy Eby
        December 2009                       July 2008                        June 2010               March 2011         October 2014          

Bradley DeMars                  Eileen MacDonell              Marsha Rogers        Eileen Stevens
      October 2009                        June 2008                       October 2008              June 2011

Mary Lou Drahnak              Christine Riedy                Martha Sarase          Rebecca Richards         
      October 2009                      April 2007                        October 2010            October 2011

Mutahr Mutahr                   Stephen Catton               Tracy Willett             Bruce Walker
      May 2009                             December 2009              October 2010            October 2011

 Kirk Fales                           Amanda Ausmus            Michael Kern             Beverly West
      March 2009                            March 2010               December 2010          October 2011
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