PHIL Award Winner
October 2012
Kim Plant began her career in respiratory care with an Associate's
Degree from Muskegeon Community College (MCC)in Applied
Science in respiratory care. After working as a respiratory tech to
gain clinical experience, she began working full time at Butterworth
after graduation. Kim has been with what is now the Spectrum
Group for more than 20 years.

Kim has since continued her education with a Bachelor's Degree in
Health Studies from Western Michigan University in 2000. She also
serves in an adjunct role with MCC's RT program. For the last 10
years she has also worked in a shared position with Blodgett
Hospital.  In addition to working at MCC. Her current role as a
primary adult ICU practioner has enabled her to work with talented
therapists and staff at both campuses (Blodgett and Butterworth).

Kim enjoys being involved both professionally and personally. She
has volunteered during respiratory care week, done tutoring at a
Grand Rapids Montessori school and currently volunteers at God's
Kitchen the first Monday of every month. Kim was born and raised
in Coldwater, MI and uses her spare time for reading, cooking,
gardening, kayaking, hiking, and camping.

Some excerpts from PHIL Award nominations for Kim:

Kim helps patients and families during a difficult time in the ICU.
She approaches families in a non-hurried manner explaining what
a ventilator is and how it works in layman terms. She always talks to
her patients whether they are awake or sedated explaining what
she is going to do. Kim takes the time needed to make the patient
feel valuable and special and not "another body". She is the best! I
would want her to be my therapist.

Kim is compassionate and always goes the extra mile to see things
are taken care of. She is a true patient advocate.
She is a team player as she assists her fellow therapists and nurses
whenever asked and will take it upon herself to ask others if they
need help.

Kim mentors students and new employees from many
departments. She is a positive role model. Kim is truly a shining
light and represents everything that is great about respiratory care
Kim Plant, RRT
Spectrum Health
Grand Rapids, MI

Kim Plant, RRT
(Left) Kim Plant receives The PHIL Award from
Sharman Lamka.

(Bottom left)

(Bottom right) Sharman Lamka is pictured with all of
Spectrum's 2012 PHIL Award nominees.