PHIL Award Winner
October 2011
Melvin Richard has been working at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan for 22
years. During that time, he has proven to be an important part of the hospital’s
patient care team.

“He is truly an unsung hero of the respiratory profession — someone who
understands that every breath matters,” a coworker said.

According to the coworkers who nominated him, Melvin shows compassion for
his patients and for everyone he comes in contact with. He is trusted by
patients, families and other healthcare providers.

“Melvin is very well liked and very compassionate,” a coworker said recently.
“His spiritual gifts and professional skills make him an outstanding respiratory
Melvin Richard, M.A., LRT, RRT
Children's Hospital of Michigan
Melvin Richard, M.A.,  LRT, RRT
The FACES Foundation President Sharman Lamka with PHIL Award recipient
Melvin Richard, M.A., LRT, RRT. Melvin is the first honoree from Children's
Hospital of Michigan.