PHIL Award Winner
October 2011
Cindy Roberts was hired as a respiratory therapist at the DMC in 2007 and is
currently working at the DMC Surgery Hospital in Madison Heights.  From all
accounts Cindy truly exemplifies the characteristics set out by the PHIL Award.

Cindy was nominated for her dedication and commitment to her patients and
their families; her professional demeanor, caring compassion and patience.

From one of her nominations it states that she was observed taking out time to
speak to a family of four that came in through the emergency room for carbon
monoxide poisoning. She carefully spoke to each family member, calling on
them by name and explaining the details of the poisoning, the plan of care, and
discussing their blood levels.  The RN said that she treated them as if they
were her only patients.

In going further, they state that Cindy promoted a caring and relaxed
atmosphere, and she even set the family up with a church by their house to
receive new clothing and a hot meal.

In describing her attributes, the nomination states that Cindy “always” goes the
extra mile of service and she makes sure the patients know how to use their
(MDI and Spirometry) equipment in the home setting. The RN, Eileen Clark
goes on to say that "I'm proud Cindy represents DMC”.
Cindy Roberts, LRT
DMC Surgery Hospital
Cindy Roberts,  LRT
The FACES Foundation
President Sharman Lamka
with PHIL Award recipient
Cindy Roberts, LRT and
Dr. Caaron Cook, Executive
Director of Respiratory
Services. Cindy is the first
honoree from DMC Surgery