PHIL Award Winner
October 2011
Strong technical knowledge. Good communication skills. Compassion for
patients and families. Raymond Robinson, a 2011 PHIL Award recipient,
demonstrates all the characteristics of an exceptional respiratory therapist.
“Raymond is driven to learn and improve his skills, so he can apply them in the
care of his patients and their families,” a coworker said.

Raymond has a strong understanding of the interplay between the heart and
lungs and their impact on other body systems. Because of this, his
recommendations for therapeutic interventions take into consideration the
impact on the patient as a whole.  

“What makes Raymond exceptional is his ability to explain complex concepts in
a manner that is understandable to the audience at hand — patients, family
members, nurses, therapists, or physicians. Raymond’s strong
communication skills and his willingness to take the time to teach and listen
create buy-in from all members of the team, leading to better outcomes.”
Raymond Robinson, LRT
Harper University Hospital
Raymond Robinson, LRT
The FACES Foundation President Sharman Lamka with PHIL Award recipient
Raymond Robinson, LRT and Jeffery Kline, LRRT, Clinical Manager, Respiratory
Care. Raymond is the first honoree from Harper University Hospital.