PHIL Award Winner
January 2013
Todd Shanahan, RRT, CRT, is a well-seasoned respiratory therapist bringing more than 22 years
of experience to work with him everyday. Todd says that Henry Ford West Bloomfield and his co-
workers create the atmosphere to allow him to be the respiratory therapist he has always strived
to be.

"I personally want to say I am thankful for the PHIL award and The FACES Foundation. Receiving
this award makes my heart smile and gives me the confidence that I'm 'doing it right.' It starts with
family. My great supporting, loving family at home then to my work family who support me
unconditionally and respectfully. They all make 'being me' a lot easier allowing my positive points
to shine each day."

Danielle Hardy, Supervisor of Respiratory Care introduced Todd as the award recipient saying,
"Everyday I am grateful to work in such a wonderful department. I know that my colleagues deliver
care to our patients just as they would their own families. Todd has been given a gift, he not only
delivers compassionate care to our customers, but he helps inspire others to do the same. Todd
is a mentor, and for that Todd is truly deserving of this award today. So thank you Todd for going
above and beyond everyday as a respiratory therapist, a colleague, and a friend."

Here are some excerpts about Todd from his nomations:

Jane wrote: "I would like to nominate Todd for this award. He is always very thorough with his
work and always goes out of his way to provide what the patient needs for their specific situation.
He is well liked by the nursing staff, medical staff, and his colleagues. I have on many occasions,
had him show up when there is something going on and he is always ready with the supplies
that are needed. He has also just gone and done treatments out on the floor without even asking
where the help is needed. I feel Todd exemplifies thorough, patient focused, patient centered care
and the core of what our department values most."

Lauren wrote: "I'd like to nominate Todd for The PHIL Award. He consistently goes above and
beyond his call of duty to help his co-workers and make sure the shift runs smoothly. He also
doesn't take no for an answer. If you are busy working and tell him you don't need help, often
times he will show up and help you anyway, or even have some of your treatments done before
you get there. He is always thinking of others and he now deserves to be recognized for his hard

Beth wrote: "I nominate Todd Shanahan. I have worked with Todd for several years. He is a
dependable, experienced therapist, who is always willing to assist fellow workers when needed. I
can always rely on Todd to take charge when needed, and know that patient care will be done
effectively and proficiently. He is my 'go-to' person for new-hire orientation and help with RT
clinical students. Todd treats his patients and their families with compassion and patience. He
takes the time to explain things in a manner that they can understand and appreciate."

Lisa wrote: "Todd is extremely patient in every situation. Not only is he a great colleague, but great
at patient care. I was in a stressful situation with Todd in the Special Care Nursery where he
remained calm and handled things very efficiently. I was able to handle the situation better myself
thanks to him."

Deneil wrote: "Todd is an amazing therapist! He always goes above and beyond. When Todd is in
charge you always know things are going to be OK. He is also a great educator. Students and
fellow RT’s can learn a lot from Todd. He will have your back in any situation. When things get
crazy he is always there when you need him."
Todd Shanahan, RRT, CRT
Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital
West Bloomfield, MI
Todd Shanahan (center) flanked
by his wife and son after
receiving The PHIL Award.
(ABOVE) Some of the Henry Ford West Bloomfield
Hospital Respiratory Staff at the award

(L to R) Christopher Cousins, Board Member, The
FACES Foundation; Danielle Hardy, Supervisor of
Respiratory Care; Mark Touchette, Administrator of
Clinical Services; Todd Shanahan, and Sharman
Lamka, President, The FACES Foundation at the
PHIL Award presentation at Henry Ford West
Bloomfield Hospital.