PHIL Award Winner
June 2011
Eileen Stevens, RRT
St. Joseph Mercy Hospital
Ann Arbor, MI
The PHIL Award is awarded annually to one Respiratory
Therapist from SJMHS who has been nominated on the basis
of professional excellence and compassion in the education
and care of patients with pulmonary illness. Respiratory
Therapists may be nominated for the award by a patient, visitor,
physician or employee.

Eileen Stevens, RRT was honored with The PHIL Award on
June 17, 2011. Eileen has worked as a respiratory therapist at
St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor since 1998. Eileen
received nominations from several families for her
professional excellence and compassion toward their family
members while under her care.

Some quotes from nominations:

“not only did your breathing treatments given by Eileen Stevens,
really help my mother, but Eileen Stevens went well beyond the
call of duty by a)cheering my mother up & making her feel that
she had a friend at St. Joes, & b) ensuring that my mother was
comfortable (by getting her drinks, ( & that she received care
when needed (by finding the nurse for her)
Daughter of patient - 6 East

"My husband needed aortic valve replacement surgery, which
with his lung condition was highly risky. Eileen spent time
helping both of us understand the complexities of high CO2
levels and the use of oxygen for my husband. Her information
and advice was the most complete for us in the five years he
has needed oxygen she is a GEM!"
Wife of patient - 6 East

"My husband was ambulanced to St. Joes with a heart attack
after a heart cath showed he needed a stent. Eileen was our
therapist. She stayed with him & us. She gave him continual
caring critical aid and gave us answers to our questions with
honestly, integrity and competence. She even called to check
on him on her day off and checked in every nite to say good
nite. She gave us mental hugs and we feel she is a friend, God
Bless her and all the others who love their jobs and their
Wife of patient - 6 East

"Friendly, warm, smart, informative, caring, all around Eileen
helped in answering questions and letting us know what was
happening and why. Thank-you Eileen from our whole family."
Family of patient - 6 East
(L to R) Dave Getty, Director of Respiratory Therapy and
Cardiopulmonary Services at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital; PHIL
Award Recipient Eileen Stevens, RRT;
Sharman Lamka, Founder,
The FACES Foundation; and Alicia Wafer, Manager, Respiratory
Care, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital.