PHIL Award Winner
October 2011
Cloy Vaneman, RRT, was honored with The PHIL Award on October 28, 201,
during the celebration of Respiratory Care Week. Cloy has worked at
Children’s for well over 30 years. During this time he has become one of the
key health care members in developing the chronic ventilator program for

Cloy received a unanimous nomination from the Division of Pulmonary
under the Breathing Institute strategic line, as well as, several from nurses
and physicians. One particular nomination came from a mother whose child
is ventilator dependant and has worked closely with Cloy over the past
several months:

“Cloy is an amazing man, who has saved my son’s life and taught me
everything I know.  He fought for my son and spoke up when he needed
 -Mother of child

Here are some quotes from additional nominations:

“Cloy is an outstanding pediatric respiratory therapist who has dedicated
more than 30 years to working at Children’s, during this time he has been
fundamental in the establishment of our long-term ventilator care program
where he supports the fragile nature of children with chronic ventilator needs
and their parents.”  
-Jerrod Milton VP of Operations

“Cloy’s motivation, for all that he does is, is his passion to deliver family-
centered care to our patients… He came in on a holiday to provide ventilator
teaching prior to the patient and their family being discharged.”
-Dr. Chris Baker

“Providing high-quality respiratory care is not a 'one-size-fits-all' endeavor.
Cloy is willing to troubleshoot challenging situations on the floor or in the ICU
so that available technology could meet the patients needs. Cloy works
endlessly to provide comprehensive care to patients, while collaborating with
the healthcare team.”
-Dr. Joe Grubenhoff

“Cloy brings heart to everything he does, through his compassion and
commitment to our patients and families.  We are extremely lucky to have
him as an intricate part of our team.”
-Joyce Baker Director for Respiratory Care

“Cloy has worked with a multiple disciplinary team to revise the
tracheostomy 37-page manual… he has helped create a successful nursing
curriculum and orientation for new hire nurses at Children’s.”  
-Jodi Thrasher Nursing Clinical Practice Specialist
Cloy Vaneman, RRT
Children's Hospital Colorado
Cloy Vaneman,  RRT
Pictured from left to right: Dr. Gwen Kerby, Medical
Director for Respiratory Care; Joyce Baker, Director for
Respiratory Care: PHIL Award recipient Cloy Vaneman;
Jerrod Milton, VP of Operations; and Dr. Chris Baker,
Medical Director for the Ventilator Care Program.