PHIL Award Winner
October 2012
Elizabeth "Libby" Watts has been a respiratory care practitioner for nine
years. She was recognized for The PHIL Award by a nurse for her actions
with a visitor in the cafeteria. She was noticed helping a man who was
having difficulties getting his lunch tray. The nurse noticed that Libby got a
tray for the gentleman, took it to the register for him and then paid for his
lunch and took it to the table. It was not until that moment that the nurse
realized that Libby did not even know this gentleman.

Libby was also recognized for assisting a nurse from hospice who came to
the hospital to get some help with supplies for a trach patient. The nurse
was unsure of what was needed and came to get assistance. Libby not only
went through the supplies that would be needed but also offered to stop by
the hospice house to help with the patient. She also performed follow-up
education to the nursing staff at the hospice facility. She demonstrates the
core values of the Carolinas Medical Center: caring, commitment, teamwork
and integrity on a daily basis.
Elizabeth Watts, RRT, RCP
Carolinas Medical Center - Union
Monroe, NC
Elizabeth "Libby" Watts, RRT, RCP