PHIL Award Winner
October 2009
Bradley DeMars, RRT, has been a member of the Adult Respiratory Care
Department since August of 1992 and consistently demonstrates his passion
for patient care. For a number of years the MICU physicians have asked that a
select group of therapists always be assigned to their area because of the
commitment,   compassion, and initiative that they demonstrate. Brad is
always one of the first names mentioned.

He has the same comforting effect on patients. His normal rounding in the
patient care areas include looking in on all patients to see how they are doing.
He frequently asks if he can do something for them even when they require no
respiratory care.

The patient care event that secured Brad’s nomination for the PHIL award
happened in early October. We were caring for a young man with multiple
chronic medical problems. For days therapists used a wide variety of
technology to deliver medication and mobilize secretions. The patient did not
care for the therapy and was resistive throughout treatments even though his
mother was at the bedside attempting to comfort him.

During one of the treatments another therapist, Brad, and the mother were
struggling to deliver the unpleasant therapy. Brad held the patient’s hand and
told him that he was doing well and things we going to be OK. This provoked a
smile from the patient which had not been seen in some time. The mother’s
appreciation was immediately recognized. Everyone in the room at the time
felt the relief of the moment.

This type of experience is frequently enjoyed by patients and the team when
you hear the knock on the door followed by “hello Mrs. X, it’s me Brad from
Bradley DeMars, RRT
University Hospitals
Case Medical Center

Bradley DeMars, RRT, (center) with The FACES
Foundation Founder Sharman Lamka and Steven