PHIL Award Winner
April 2009
Kirk Fales, RRT, was honored as the fourth PHIL Award winner on March 25, 2009.
Kirk has worked at University of Michigan Hospital as a Respiratory Therapist since
1990 and cannot think of a better environment to use his training. Kirk
acknowledges that it is the effort of all of his coworkers that made this accolade
possible and is humbled to be chosen as the recipient. “Having a hand in seeing a
patient’s progress is very rewarding and provides much fulfillment in going about my
daily tasks,” said Kirk.

After earning a Bachelors of Business Administration, Kirk began his career in auto
part production, working in various management positions. Finding this path
unfulfilling, Kirk embarked on a career change, enrolling in Henry Ford Community
College to achieve an Associates Degree in Science with respiratory therapy as his

He first became interested in respiratory therapy while working in a hospital during
college. “I got into respiratory therapy because the thought of aiding patients in dire
health was something I wanted to do,” said Kirk. Juggling a full time job while
studying to become a Respiratory Therapist, Kirk did not consider working and going
to school much of a sacrifice, as he felt it was all for a greater good.

Taken by surprise on the day of the award presentation, Kirk could not find the words
to express his gratitude. He continues to praise his coworkers and says, “At this point
in time I cannot think of anything I'd rather be doing.”
Kirk Fales, RRT
University of Michigan Hospital
Ann Arbor, MI
Kirk Fales, RRT, (right)
with FACES Foundation
Founder, Sharman