PHIL Award Winner
June 2012
Kathey Hurey, RRT
St. Joseph Mercy Hospital
Ann Arbor, MI
Kathey Hurey, RRT was honored on May 22, 2012, with The
PHIL Award. Kathey is a Clinical Specialist in the CICU at St.
Joseph Mercy Hospital, Ann Arbor. She has been with St.
Joseph Mercy since November 2001.

One thing that stands out about Kathey is her compassion for
the patient and her interaction with family members. It is not
unusual to see a family member hugging Kathey and just
delighted that she is attending to their loved one.

Here are some excerpts from several nominations;
Kathey was …with a patient who was struggling to breathe. The
fear that the patient was feeling was clear. She needed to be
placed on a BiPap, and was fearful of this as well. … Kathey
spoke very closely to the patient’s ear and began talking
calmly and slowly to her…assuring this patient that she would
not leave her side until she was comfortable. … Kathey’s words
calmed this frightened woman. Kathey was able to fit the Bipap
on this patient’s face with ease and comfort. She took away fear
and provided calmness to a difficult situation… She as always
responded with a positive attitude and beautiful smile.
LEFT: PHIL Award recipient
Kathey Hurey, RRT; Dave Getty,
Director of Respiratory Therapy
and Cardiopulmonary Services;
Sharman Lamka, The FACES
Foundation Founder and Alicia
Wafer, Manager, Respiratory Care.
BELOW: The Respiratory Care
Staff at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital,
Ann Arbor, gather for the award