PHIL Award Winner
June 2008
Eileen MacDonell, RRT, joined St. Joseph-Mercy Hospital in Feb of 2001 with about 19 years of
experience in the respiratory field both (adult and neonatal) to assist with the transition of the special
care nursery into an NICU. She would best be described as a therapist who goes above and beyond!

Having held the neo/peds chair & chair elect position in the last 5 years she is active in the MSRC.
She has planned and facilitated the first, second and third neo/peds MSRC conference held in Ann
Arbor complete with video conferencing between area's of the state: Grand Rapids, Traverse City
(Munson Hospital) and Charlevoix.

Eileen MacDonell has been a member of the Family Centered Care Committee since 2005. Eileen is
actively involved in the committee and contributes both in discussion, planning, process and
implementation of the FCC philosophy in the NICU.  

Eileen is extremely friendly, polite, supportive, and endearing to our families. She introduces herself
to all families she medically cares for.  When it appears that they are anxious and need further
information, Eileen never hesitates to explain the respiratory equipment or mechanisms with which a
baby needs for oxygen support.  She explains it very simply to our families without intimidation. When
I attend deliveries with Eileen, she introduces not just herself, but introduces the entire care team
taking care of the baby.  Eileen is always friendly to staff, seeking to help staff with their tasks when
she can, and prioritizes her work.  

Eileen also cares for the staff and family photo board out in the lobby of the NICU. It is updated
regularly and she has done a great job projecting the good feelings that our families have toward the
NICU.  Recently Eileen took on another task of utilizing the thank cards we receive from our families.  
She asked for a magnetic strip to be placed on the wall in the family room and it now holds a dozen
thank you's that are rotated frequently from our families. It is definitely a nice addition.  

Eileen is well deserving of any special honors from the Respiratory Dept. She is a great example for
her colleagues.
Eileen MacDonell, RRT
St. Joseph Mercy Hospital
Ann Arbor, MI
Eileen MacDonell, RRT,
(left) with The FACES
Foundation Founder
Sharman Lamka.