PHIL Award Winner
October 2010
Marsha Rogers, RRT, has been a Pediatric Respiratory Therapist at UH:
Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital for 34 years. Marsha is a Certified
Respiratory Therapist and one of the first to receive the Neonatal Pediatric
Specialty Credential.

Marsha is a long-time member of the American Association for Respiratory
Care and has been involved, contributed to, and presented several abstracts
at national conventions. She has been a mentor to new staff, preceptor for
student rotations and conducted training for our department, staff, nurses, and

Marsha is a compassionate caregiver, well-liked and trusted by families, and
committed to providing optimal care to her patients. Marsha was nominated
for the PHIL award by two different families – the Miller’s and the Flannery’s.

Mrs. Miller shared the following about the care her daughter Amy and the rest
of their family received from Marsha,
“Marsha has been such a great friend
through the months when Amy was admitted to Rainbow. She does an
awesome job as a respiratory therapist… It’s nice to have someone talk to you
when you’re in the hospital a lot. It always helps when the staff members are
friendly and outgoing like Marsha. She helps make sure Amy is comfortable
during the day and is there when we need her.”

Angie Flannery made the following comments about Marsha in regard to her
daughter Meghan’s care,
“Marsha has been a part of our daughter’s life since
she had to have a tracheotomy at the age of 15. She provided an excellent
level of hands-on training on suctioning, trach care and trach changes. I get
many compliments on how well we care for our daughter’s trach and I can
thank Marsha for teaching us. Our daughter is now vent dependant… Marsha
once again provided great hands-on training that helped me make the change
in our daughter’s life easier to deal with.”

“Not only is Marsha an excellent teacher in respiratory care, she is very caring,
funny, sweet, and someone I proudly call my friend… She is a blessing to
many patients and their families at Rainbow Babies… A thank-you will never
be enough to someone who is so caring not only to our daughter, but also to
our family.”
Marsha Rogers, RRT
UH Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital
Marsha Rogers, RRT,  
(right) with The FACES
Foundation Founder,
Sharman Lamka.