PHIL Award Winner
October 2012
Rick Wade was hired as a respiratory therapist at Detroit Receiving Hospital in
1984.  He has proven himself to be a highly motivated, compassionate and
valuable part of our DRH Respiratory Team.  Rick truly exemplifies the
characteristics set out by The PHIL award.

  • Makes a special connection with patients and/or patient families.
  • Has a positive attitude while performing duties.
  • Demonstrates professionalism in the workplace.

Comments from co-workers and other staff include:

Rick is always there when you need him and you can count on him. He really
cares about giving good patient care and puts the patient first. Always smiling,
he takes the time to make sure the patient understands.
- Ethel Hatchett, Unit Clerk

As a NP in palliative care, I have worked with Rick for many years. He always
requests to discuss the patient’s plan of care. In a recent case of an extended
care patient that had been placed in the ICU on a vent. When the patient was
moved to palliative care, Rick immediately stepped in to assess the patient’s
status and respiratory condition. Understanding the vent was no longer needed
he moved to place the patient on a t-collar.  Because he was proactive in the
patients’ care they were able to DC the patient and transfer them the next day to
a facility.
-Julia Walch, NP
Rick Wade, RRT
Detroit Receiving Hospital
Rick Wade, RRT